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PatriciaSquare2 I am passionate about your health and joy, but that wasn’t always the case. In fact, if someone had told me when I was in my mid 20’s that I’d be interested in eating organic, sustainability grown foods, breathing, yoga, and the effect of emotions, I would have thought they were crazy. I had never even met a vegetarian or a person who does yoga.

My weekend routine was going out to eat steak and eggs at 2 am after dancing, drinking and smoking cigarettes in, Great Falls, Montana. I was overweight and unhappy with my body and life.

In my late 20’s, I realized my husband was addicted to drugs and soon after, we got divorced.  I moved back to Pennsylvania, lived with my parents, and went from a well-paid secure job to being a lunchtime waitress. My face broke out with horrible pimples.  Suffice to say, it was an extremely difficult time. I even wanted to commit suicide.

Nutritional Awakening
My mother gave me a book “You Are All Sanpaku” that changed my life. It is about the oriental plan for total health (macrobiotic dietary and lifestyle guidelines). It proclaimed that what was medically impossible was easy through macrobiotics. Since my dermatologist had no medical solution after nearly a year of expensive doctor visits and pills, I was very interested in learning more. I devoured that book and every book I could find on the subject. It all made common sense to me, and it is based on thousands of years of the oriental “food as medicine” principles. I began transforming my kitchen and stocking it with whole grains, beans, fresh organic vegetables, sea vegetables, and the best quality oil and condiments available.

What happened was amazing! My energy level doubled. I lost 25 pounds. I needed less sleep, I felt calm, confident and happy to be alive again. I even had sore ankle for more than 10 years that suddenly healed. All these signs of vitality and wellness appeared, while my only focus was trying to cure my acne.

I felt and feel so grateful to know how to find balance when I go off course and eat too much party food. Finding balance is greatest gift I like to share.

Then Came Yoga
About 11 years ago I dove deep into practice and study of yoga. It wasn’t too long into my passion about learning how open up into my body and breath in ways I never knew possible that I became a Certified Yoga Teacher. I took and take advance training’s to be the best for myself, my private clients and my studio of students. I love assisting other in their journey of new personal heights and sweet deeper places with the breath and poses.

For over 25 years I’ve had thousands of hours of training, learning and in depth study alongside leading nutrition, and yoga experts. I traveled to Macrobiotic centers in the U.S., Switzerland, New Zealand, and Australia, and advised hundreds of students and clients. As I look back, I am very grateful for that acne challenge that got me started on the path.

I’ve combined all my knowledge, practical experience and professional expertise in powerful programs to teach you how you too can heal of many common ailments that drain you and leave you feeling exhausted day after day. You have the opportunity to double your energy, lose extra pounds, and feel younger – all naturally.

Now is a good time get the guidance and support you deserve.

Contact me Patricia @yourhealthandjoy.com or 650-285-1867

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