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Orange Sesame Cookies – Gluten Free

Orange Sesame Cookies Makes 30 to 35 cookies Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. 1 ½ cups oat flour 1 ½ cups rolled oats, partially ground in the food processor ½ teaspoon sea salt 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/3 cup sesame seeds, toasted ½ cup

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Vegan Crunchy chocolate Chip cookies

Easy Chocolate Chip Vegan Cookies

  Introducing my all-time favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe! It is a easy canvas for cookie creativity.   Swap in some half oat or rice flour to impart a delightful twist. If you’re on a gluten-free journey, consider waving goodbye to pastry flour and welcoming

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Crunchy Asian Salad

Crunchy Asian Salad Family and friends will love this salad. 1      head Napa (Chinese) cabbage, cut finely 2      ears corn, de-cobbed 1      carrot, grated 1/2    bunch cilantro, cut finely 1      small cucumber, peeled and cubed into 1/2-inch bites 1      tomato, diced, or 1/2 red pepper,

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Wednesday Morning Reboot Yoga Series. Live Online

Join us for our upcoming Wednesday Morning Reboot Yoga for Back Health, Hips and Hamstrings, Neck and Shoulders, Hands and Feet and everything in-between.   August, September, and October, either for the first time or as a returning participant.   2 Wednesdays a month: 7:10

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The age-proof brain book

How to age healthy?

How to age healthy? Small changes can make a BIG difference right away. Here are 3 book suggestions to get you inspired to make your small changes today. 1. The Age-Proof Brain 2. Aging Powerfully 3. The Grace in Aging   We can boost our

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Know a senior? Are you a senior?

Are you feeling stiff as a board and struggling to touch your toes? Fear not! You can become more flexible, balanced and mobile with yoga. Our Aging with Grace Yoga and Chair Yoga series is here to boost your mood, improve your flexibility, and keep

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The Joy of Yoga: A retreat with Patricia at Ratna Ling

The Joy of Yoga A retreat with Patricia Becker Friday March 8 – Sunday March 10, 2024 Bathe in the joy of yoga with stretching and strengthening poses as well as breath awareness meditation. Expect a playful practice of self-acceptance and exploration at the beautiful

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Filter the Contaminants Out of Your Water

Are you protecting your and your families health by ensuring your water is safe from contaminants?    Contaminants that make your water murky, or make your water smell and taste bad. Contaminants that can cause serious illness. Contaminants that are outright deadly.   The number

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What is your self care tip? #sharingiscaring

If you believe self-care is your best health care.  Please share a heath tip that you practice.  You can write your favorite quote, author, movie, comedian, spiritual practice, healthy habit in the comment section below.  You might help someone else through a tough patch in

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Patricia becker on a yoga mat ready to teach a yoga class

Yoga Stands Out with its Potent Ability to Treat Diseases

Yoga is a excellent form of exercise that actually boasts an impressive plethora of physical and mental benefits, which include reducing depression symptoms, improving heart health, building strength and flexibility.   One of the benefits of yoga that stands out is its potent ability to

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Yoga for Your Face, Eye Muscles and Eyesight

 Link for Jade Face Yoga Massage tool HERE on Amazon Let me know how it goes. I like hearing from you! Face acupressure and face yoga exercises when used with a healthy diet and drinking enough good quality water will help: Soften wrinkles Improve

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Patricia Becker teaching how to strengthen your digestion with yoga

Yoga to Strengthen Your Immune and Digestion System

It is an important time to improve your immune and digestion systems. Use this effective, easy, safe and inexpensive way to make yourself more resilient.  Practice these yoga poses to strengthen your stomach and intestines. Learn poses to do when you get indigestion or

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Umeboshi Plum Healing Benefits and Best Home Remedy

Umeboshi is highly effective in relieving jet lag, stiffness, hangover, stress, headaches, insomnia, fatigue and just about anything else you can name. When we eat packaged, highly processesed and factory prepared foods now and then our bodies can bounce back if we are in good

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Loosen up your body in a variety of ways with live online Yoga classes patricia becker

Movement, Aging, and Longevity

Do Yoga While You Brush Your Teeth and During Commercial Breaks It’s no secret that regular exercise can be critical to healthy longevity, but that doesn’t mean you have to run a marathon to get the benefits of exercise. New research is showing that even

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Eden Miso paste on Patricia Becker Amazon Affilate page

Miso Soup 101 ~ Profound Health Benefits

If you had an super busy week, did not sleep well or felt a lot of stress, then miso soup is a very good remedy to make and eat.  That is what I did! Miso 101: It is delicious and very nutritious. Ancient wisdom and

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Best practices for picking things up from the floor

Watch this short tutorial for best practices when picking things up from the floor, ground or garden bed. Many back injuries are preventable, and the pain can be alleviated using basic yoga alignment techniques. If you have sporadic back pain or soreness? You’re not alone.

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patricia becker teaching how to improve your posture in this short youtube video

Improve Your Posture #yogaforposture

Tips for Better Posture!  Improve Your Posture with these suggestions.  Follow along with this short video. Then get a ribbon to tie around your finger.  Please, comment below the YouTube video to let me know how it goes in a couple days!

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yoga in redwood trees

New Year Intentions~ Mine and Yours

Wishing you a very Healthy 2022 and hope you reside in joy, much of everyday. As the new year begins, I like walking in nature to think about what is most important. What we think about, we bring about! Health is our greatest wealth. We create

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Baked Root Vegetable Stew

Ingredients  1 medium size rutabaga or golden beet, cut in ¾ inch pieces 1 large carrot, rolled cut in ¾ inch pieces 1 medium size daikon, rolled cut in ¾ pieces 1 large Yukon Gold potato, cut in ¾ inch pieces 1 tablespoon rosemary 1

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What to do about belly fat?

Strengthen your core muscles and internal organs. These poses are excellent for better digestion, a healthier back, better balance and over all well being. Practice these 3 times a week and you will feel stronger and happy with yourself for doing it.  

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