Enhance Your Health, Home Relationships, and Wealth

After Monday Dinner Event -Monday August 29th 7:30 pm
305 N. California Ave, Palo Alto CA

Enhance Your Health, Home Relationships, and Wealth with Christina Grant, Ph.D., holistic healer, intuitive counselor, and author. * Learn more from Christina as a featured presenter on the Radiant Wellness Classes. *

August 29th, she will discuss how you can enhance your life and improve areas of difficulty you might be experiencing through having an awareness of the energy flow in your home. A touch of Feng Shui combined with Dr. Grant’s experiences as an energy healer will be explored so you can find out specific things to do to create better relationships, more vitality, enhance your work, improve your finances, and more. Come participate in this discussion and learn new ways to work with the the energy of your home or office to improve your life circumstances.

Dr. Grant promotes body-mind-spirit integration and wellness from a holistic perspective. Her energy work and counseling address releasing mental and emotional stress, understanding and transcending blocks and difficulties in life, and navigating relationships and life circumstances with greater ease and confidence. She is the author of The Holistic Approach to Breast Cancer: Every Woman’s Guide to Health, Vitality, & Wellbeing.
* $5-10 donation suggested for the Speaker

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