Healing Benefits of the Poses

“Patricia’s yoga classes were one of the highlights of camp this year.  She asked the students what we’d like to work on and then designed the class perfectly to fit our needs.   One of my favorite parts was the “partner yoga.”   It was a fun way to get to know and trust others in the group.  It also felt GREAT, both giving and receiving.   It has been two weeks since that class and I still feel the benefits.   Another thing I love is how Patricia tells the healing benefits of the poses as we do them.  She believes so deeply in the healing benefits of yoga that it is very contagious.   I am keeping my yoga practice daily now…inspired by the two yoga classes with Patricia that I was fortunate to attend at summer camp.”

Susan Shimmon
Happy Healthy Retreats, Pinecrest Lake CA
(formerly know as French Meadows Summer Camp)


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