Introduction to Contemplative Practices

After Dinner Event – Monday October 17, 2016   7:30pm
First Baptist Church, 305 N. California Ave, Palo Alto

Experience renewal, peace of mind and well-being by pausing to quiet the thinking mind, engage the senses, relax and replenish during this after dinner session. Enjoy a preview to the week of free events in the Stanford Contemplation By Design Summit, held Nov. 3-11, 2016. We Meredith speakingwill explore the fundamental role of the contemplative pause in creating a life of sustained excellence, joy, compassion, wisdom and health — a life lived fully. Learn practical skills as well as the scientific evidence that supports the value of enjoying a daily contemplative pause. Five practical steps for cultivating a contemplative lifestyle will be taughtP.E.A.C.E.: Pause, Exhale, Attend, Connect and Express.

Instructor: Tia Rich, Ph.D., Contemplation By Design, Director, has been integrating mindfulness, compassion and meditation into stress management programs at Stanford University and Medical Center since 1984. Her creation and leadership of the free Contemplation by Design (CBD) is an expression of her steadfast dedication to the resilience and well-being of the community. CBD details are at:

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