Therapeutic Yoga Healer

I started to feel better right after the first yoga session.


Jenny  Zhenyu Qui,
Ph.D in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
678 Main Street, Redwood City, CA 94063

Helped my chronic back pain

Hi Patricia,
It was nice meeting you yesterday and I really enjoyed your class!
All the back exercise really help with my chronic back pain.
Thank you!

Mason Chow, 
Alternative Format Specialist
Stanford University
Office of Accessible Education

Patricia's yoga classes were one of the highlights of camp.

One of my favorite parts was the partner yoga.

“Patricia’s yoga classes were one of the highlights of camp this year.  She asked the students what we’d like to work on and then designed the class perfectly to fit our needs.   One of my favorite parts was the “partner yoga.”   It was a fun way to get to know and trust others in the group.  It also felt GREAT, both giving and receiving.   It has been two weeks since that class and I still feel the benefits.   Another thing I love is how Patricia tells the healing benefits of the poses as we do them.  She believes so deeply in the healing benefits of yoga that it is very contagious.   I am keeping my yoga practice daily now…inspired by the two yoga classes with Patricia that I was fortunate to attend at summer camp.”

Susan Shimmon,
Happy Healthy Retreats, Pinecrest Lake, CA.

So impressed with an introductory class

Started seeing her one-on-one

I was so impressed with an introductory class with Patricia Becker that I have asked for more in depth training to meet my individual needs!  She has so mucMarci Haydenh to offer, go check it out, you won’t want to miss this.

Marci Hayden,
Owner and Artistic Director

Patricia has keen insight

I have worked with Patricia for 8 years and continue.

Patricia’s knowledge is steeped in the macrobiotic guidelines that are plant-based, focusing on eating seasonally and locally. I appreciate her common sense nutritional recommendations, recipes and ideas. I have always been health conscious and appreciate her practical and easy to understand approach. I have worked with Patricia for 8 years and continue to enjoy periodic check in sessions. Patricia has keen insight, awareness of new information and solid knowledge about enhancing nutrition and well-being.

Patricia coaching helps me feel healthy in body, mind and spirit.

I recommend Patricia for people who want to learn about the power of food, be more mindful and have fun with it.

Carol Shane, LMFT

I was a skeptic but now a believer!

I have been receiving her wise counsel ever since.

About four years ago Patricia Becker visited my home to familiarize me with Yoga. I have been receiving her wise counsel ever since. I was a skeptic but now a believer! Particularly because of Patricia and who she is as a person.

I had visited three knee replacement surgeons who generally provided the same advice: not yet. But I was hurting. Today, although I have knee discomfort, I generally can walk anywhere I want to go, hike 5-10 miles per week at age 80! While there are many explanations for my improvement the smart money is on the support provided by Patricia in providing me with flexibility, balance, muscle strength, breath awareness, and most important, confidence. No two sessions are the same, each is tailored to my needs, and each day’s effort is planned in advance.

Patricia is a unique person totally committed to Yoga. It really is her religion. She strives as much for my happiness as my physical well-being. We end each session with the word “Namaste”-the divinity within me greets the divinity within you.

Bill Reller,
Retired Businessman, Palo Alto

So nice to be pain-free.

I am so grateful to you for the advice you gave me.

Dear Patricia,

First of all, I would like to let you know that I enjoy your yoga class very much. Thank you.

And second, I am so grateful to you for the advice you gave me four weeks ago and for your time. When I approached you I anticipated that you would suggest a set of exercises to help me cope with inflamed joints, but I received much more. Your advice to restrict consumption of vegetables from the nightshade family did not initially make too much sense, but the result is unbelievable.

I have been seeing the doctor during the last half-a-year, complaining about joint pain and strange psoriartic spots at the joints that and he could not solve the problem. Rather, he told me that I had eczema and that is an non-curable condition. As for the joint pain, he decided to ignore it completely, telling me that we are all getting older. I usually go to the doctor only if I have a serious issue, and this time the problem was getting progressively worse. I followed his advice and tried everything he recommended: steroids, anti-histamines, etc – nothing helped. Now, after I simply restricted the nightshades, the joint pain disappeared, and all of my non-curable “eczematic” spots and discoloration are gone. It is so nice to be pain-free and to have a normal-looking skin.

Thank you so much,
Sophia Chernikova, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist, Department of Radiation Oncology

Stanford University School of Medicine

Within a month my knee was considerably better

Walking and moving more gracefully

Six months ago, doctors and physical therapists advised me to start interviewing knee replacement surgeons. Non-surgical medical treatments were no longer giving me any relief from the chronic pain. Fortunately, I met Patricia! Within a month my knee was considerably better, not interrupting my sleep and not keeping me from exercising and everyday activities. But the best was when I visited a relative who teaches martial arts and is quite a fitness guru, himself. Without knowing I had been doing yoga, he commented that I was walking and moving more gracefully and that my posture was better than it was a year Nancy Testimonialago. Attitude, alignment and activity, Patricia’s mantra, was paying off!  I recommend Patricia’s private yoga sessions to address your individual needs safely and effectively.

Nancy McGaraghan,
Author and Inspirational Speaker, Palo Alto

Patricia brings a warm and calm energy to the room

came out smiling, refreshed, and looking forward to the next session

I went into my first class with Patricia a yoga skeptic and came out smiling, refreshed, and looking forward to the next session! I have attended a regular class with Patricia for a few years now and it is the highlight of my week. Her classes are fun, challenging, and help me to focus on the positives in my life when work starts to wear me down. Patricia brings a warm and calm energy to the room, and keeps the class smiling even in the more challenging poses with her lighthearted sense of humor. I would recommend her class to anyone!

Lauren Smith
Associate Director
Stanford Graduate School of Business

Patricia is well organized, informative, and encouraging.

Refreshing to encounter a teacher with a variety of supportive modes.

I’ve known Patricia Becker for many years in many modes. I first was introduced to her via her expertise as a master macrobiotic chef.  New to this food arena, I and our family found her instructional experience well organized, informative, and encouraging.  Her leadership in this field is encouraging yet humble – two qualities I find very important and productive towards learning and growth.  As a yoga teacher, I find her process to be informative, kind, supportive, and inspirational.  As a student of many many many modes of physical expression for 50+ years, I find it always refreshing to encounter a teacher with a variety of supportive modes towards the body’s health, growth, and well-being ~ tinged with humor, spirituality, support, quiet, and kindness.

Nancy Klimp, M.A., M.F.T.