Improve Digestion · Increase Energy · Lose Weight · Sleep Better

Are you struggling with fatigue, stress, weight management or lack of sleep? Are you confused by the sea of diet regiments, supplements, health drinks and vitamins?

Your improved eating patterns can be simple and easy. Experience the amazing healing benefits of power foods right for your health conditions.

From a variety of delicious whole foods, your body can absorb the vital nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals needed to maintain a healthy system.

Depending on your current condition and constitution, you will be given recipes to address your unique situation.

Learn about ideal nutrient-packed foods to eat for your lifetime.

Benefit from my 30 years of training, study and practical one-on-one coaching experience. Get guidance and support for improved eating habits; enjoy new nutritious and delicious recipes and menu ideas. We will come up with a plan that works for YOU!

Learn what small dietary changes will have the most impact and improvement.

Contact me to set up your virtual 3-part diet coaching program.

Invest today in your longevity, health and joy.

Patricia’s 30-Day Vitality Boost

Lasting Increased Energy, Deeper Sleep, Clarity of Mind

Let’s have fun together boosting your energy and transforming your life so you can maintain your weight, have an exercise and stretching program you like, create an eating plan of new power-packed foods you enjoy, and live each day to its fullest.

Health and Vitality are waiting for you when you connect to your innate and infinite Joy!

Let my warmth and compassion guide you through your journey of three weekly meetings via phone/Skype.


Goal Setting
Why Diets Don’t Work
Fueling Your Body
Exercise Strategies
Menu Planning
Boosting Your Energy
Understanding and Conquering Cravings
Stress Reduction and Self-Care
Patricia’s knowledge is steeped in the macrobiotic guidelines that are plant-based, focusing on eating seasonally and locally. I appreciate her common sense nutritional recommendations, recipes and ideas. I have always been health conscious and appreciate her practical and easy to understand approach. I have worked with Patricia for 7 years and continue to enjoy periodic check in sessions. Patricia has keen insight, awareness of new information and solid knowledge about enhancing nutrition and well-being. Patricia coaching helps me feel healthy in body, mind and spirit. I recommend Patricia for people who want to learn about the power of food, be more mindful and have fun with it.
Carol Shane, LMF​

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