Aging with Grace Yoga


Begins Saturday Sept 9th

Patricia Becker with Yoga Mat on dock at lake

Benefits of Aging with Grace Yoga LIVE Online Series

• Keeps bones, muscles and joints healthy
• Slash the risk of Alzheimer’s
• Regulates blood pressure
• Reduces stress, anxiety and depression
• Lower chances of heart disease
• Manages conditions like osteoporosis, arthritis and back pain
• Helps with balance
• Greater mobility and agility
• Promotes flexibility and strength
• Feeling healthier and happier

9 Weekly Saturdays

Sept 9 - Nov 4, 2023

9:00am (Pacific) / 12:00pm (Eastern) • 60 Minute Classes

Class recordings available on demand during the series, if you can’t make the LIVE classes.

9 Classes Only $167

Come learn and practice stretches and strengthening poses that will make you feel and look better. 

Aging with Grace Yoga Series created, by Patricia Becker, designed with seniors in mind and anyone who wants to stay fit! This series includes low-impact movements, breathing exercises, meditation and don’t take ourselves too serious

Give your body a full range of stretches, strengthening and balancing poses while standing, sitting and laying (supine).  A yoga mat, yoga blocks and a blanket are helpful. 

Every yoga class the themes and will include:

  • back and spinal health
  • neck and shoulders
  • hands and feet
  • hip mobility
  • core strength

9 Weekly Saturdays

Sept 9 - Nov 4, 2023

9:00am (Pacific) / 12:00pm (Eastern) • 60 Minute Classes

Only $167

Watch this sample Aging with Grace Yoga video

Group Photo of Happy Aging with Grace Yogi's
Yoga for all ages Series Group photo with Patricia Becker
I recommend Patricia for everyone. I took her classes at Standford and I was BEYOND a beginner. She is such a skilled teacher, but also kind and full of joy.
Yoga student recommends Patricia becker's Yoga programs
Amy DiPasquale
Philadelphia, PA
Weekly Yoga classes with Patricia are quite honestly the best medicine for all that ails you. My body has become much more flexibile and stronger. Patricia runs her classes to suit her students’ level of ability and takes requests.​
Arabella Napier​
Menlo Park, CA​
I was a yoga newbie, then a confirmed devotee because of Patricia’s warm, welcoming and open demeanor. She creates such an environment of support, encouragement and fun that everyone succeeds no matter what their level.​
Newbies to yoga are welcome and encouraged in Patricia Becker's Yoga programs
Hil Hausman
Redwood City, CA
Patricia’s classes are fun, challenging, and help me to focus on the positives of my life when work starts to wear me down. Patricia brings a warm and calm energy and keeps the class smiling even in the more challenging poses with her lighthearted sense of humor.​
Lauren Smith
Lauren Smith​
Associate Director, Stanford School of Business​

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