designed for trigger point, pressure point, self myofascial release

I was hooked the first time I used the Massage Therapy Balls.

I believe you'll find them very helpful in relaxing tight muscles.

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Yoga Tune Up Balls

These massage balls mimic deep massage or acupressure, and reduce pain. They erase stress and release tight muscles and fascia.

Tips for use: Stand with the massage balls under one foot and roll the foot around, massaging under the outer foot, inner foot, arch, heel, and toes for a few minutes before moving to the other foot.

Alpha Ball

This provides a fabulous myofascial release for the low back, pecs, buttocks, hips and neck.

Tips for use: I use this laying down, face up, with the ball under my neck, upper back or anywhere that feels tight and enjoy moving around very slowly.

Coregeous Ball

This ball gently activates your psoas, core muscles, and organs to facilitate digestion, assimilation and elimination.

Tips for use: Lay face down on a carpet or mat with the ball on your belly area, 2 hours after eating and before bed.

These massage balls are an excellent tool for improving your mobility and preventing injury.

They are great to include in with your fitness and yoga practice — it feel fabulous.

The Roll Model® Starter Kit is a great way to begin your journey with Tune Up Fitness. Provides you with a portable set of tools to improve your mobility, prevent injury, and practice self-care fitness.

Includes all four sizes of Therapy Balls: The YTU Therapy Ball in Tote, Therapy Ball PLUS, ALPHA, and Coregeous. All fit perfectly inside our Roll Model Shoulder Tote, which is included in the kit!

Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

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