9 Chair Yoga Classes for Seniors


Series Begins Sept 6, 2023

9 Wednesday LIVE Online Classes •  Sept 6 - Nov 1

10am (Pacific) / 1pm (Eastern) • 30 Minutes

Class recordings available on demand during the series, so you won’t miss out if you can’t make the live classes.


Only $107

What is Chair Yoga? Watch this short video!

Come live online, ask questions or share insights! Patricia Becker promotes the joys of yoga for seniors with mindful movements. Chair Yoga for seniors is practiced while seated in a chair, and uses a chair for support during standing poses. We use gentle stretches, twists, and poses, to help improve flexibility, balance, and circulation.

You are invited to Chair Yoga

Seniors Chair yoga is a safe and convenient way to improve your physical and mental health with 30 minutes of low-impact exercises, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and sense of humor.

It’s beneficial if you

  • have difficulty getting up and down from the floor
  • are recovering from an injury
  • have a disability or limited mobility

Only $107

9 Wednesdays Sept 6 - Nov 1, 2023

Chair Yoga Benefits Seniors

  • restful sleep
  • feeling calm
  • strengthening your immune system
  • becoming more resilient
  • greater flexibility, mobility, and agility
  • help relieve back pain and stiffness
  • increase range of motion in your joints
  • improve your posture
  • reduce joint pain and build tensile strength
  • better balance
  • strengthen your digestion
  • more ease bending down to pick things up
  • increase the stability of the muscles around your bones

Save Your Seat

chair yogis
Happy Chair Yogis!
I really enjoy Patricia’s chair yoga classes. Her gentle guidance about breathing, posture, and stretching helped me, especially when I’ve spent too much time at the computer.
Joan F.
San Francisco Bay Area​
I have stenosis in my neck and after class I felt fantastic My neck, shoulders and back felt wonderful for days. I can”t believe how just a 30-minute session with you can make me feel so good!
Pat Harran​
Sagamore Beach, MA​
In a half hour every week, Patricia guides us through very effective chair yoga postures that I have found reduce my back pain, increase my resilience, and improve my body posture and my mood!
Mary Lautner​
Palo Alto, CA​
I signed up for Chair Yoga and after 30 minutes I feel so much better. I liked it so much I asked for private lessons!
Ann Protter​
Palo Alto, Ca​

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