Nutritional Coaching

Improve Digestion · Increase Energy · Lose Weight · Sleep Better

Are you

struggling with fatigue, stress, weight management or lack of sleep?
confused by diet regiments, expensive supplements, health drinks, etc.?
needing support healing from an injury, surgery, or emotional upset?
too busy to figure out how make the changes you know are needed? 

I have 35 years of study, coaching and practical experience and am happy to assist you.

My 3-part personalized coaching program can help you heal and feel better.

  • developing improved eating habits
  • supporting your body with foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals
  • discovering new and delicious recipes and menu ideas
  • learning the role of proper breathing and a yoga or movement practice in overall well being
Together we will make and implement a plan that fits your condition and lifestyle

Even small dietary changes can have major impact and help you improve. Invest in a lifetime of health and joy!

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I approached Patricia to help me cope with inflamed joints, I anticipated yoga poses but I received much more. Patricia's advice to restrict consumption of vegetables from the nightshade family did not initially make too much sense, but the result is unbelievable. I had been seeing the doctor, complaining about joint pain and strange psoriatic spots and he could not solve the problem. Rather, he told me that I had eczema and that is an incurable condition and decided to ignore my joint pain completely, said we are all getting older. I only go to a doctor if I have a serious issue. I followed his advice of steroids, anti-histamines, etc. — nothing helped. After I restricted the nightshades, as Patricia suggested the joint pain disappeared, and all of my incurable eczematic spots and discoloration are gone.
Sophia Chernikova testimonial photo
Sophia Chernikova, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist
Patricia has a common sense and easy to understand approach. I have worked with Patricia for years and continue to enjoy periodic check in sessions. Patricia has keen insight, awareness and solid knowledge about enhancing nutrition and well-being. I recommend Patricia for people who want to learn about the power of food, be more mindful and have fun with it.
Carol Shane, LMF​
I first was introduced to Patricia via her expertise as a master macrobiotic chef. New to this food arena, I and our family found her instructional experience well organized, informative, and encouraging. Her leadership in this field is encouraging yet humble .
Nancy Klimp testimonial picture
Nancy Klimp​
M.A., M.F.T.​

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