Food Combining – Did You Know?

Fruit and fruit juice digests very quickly and are best eaten 2 hours after a meal or 30 minutes before. The morning is an excellent time to eat your fruit. Enjoy eating a single whole fresh fruit or make a seasonal fresh salad. Choose a variety of colors and textures of what is fresh at the farmer’s markets and in your garden.

Grains, grain products, bean dishes, and vegetables take longer to digest and provide longer sustaining energy and combine easily.

As much as we like granola, the combination of nuts, dried fruits and almost raw oatmeal, etc makes it is very difficult to digest. If you eat it with milk or vegan milk alternative, that is another layer of confusion for your body to handle. Digestion uses a lot of the body’s energy and is the body’s top priority.

When we eat things that are difficult to digest, our energy will get drained.

Don’t believe me. Experiment for yourself!

I love hearing from you after you experiment!

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