FIVE essential tips to improve your digestion video

FIVE essential tips to help you with your digestion.

Number ONE, chew your food. Digestion begins in the mouth your saliva starts to break down the food so when it goes down your esophagus into your stomach the food it is ready for the next stage.

Number TWO, sit to eat as it’s more relaxing
and you can taste the flavors and the textures of the food.
You can be better aware of when you are full to stop eating.

The THIRD essential tip for better digestion improved
digestion is eat until you’re 80 percent full do not
stuff yourself. It inhibits the digestion it stretches out
the organs your nutrients don’t get processed properly it strains the whole
system it actually depletes your energy.

The FOURTH tip is eat complex carbohydrates.
I’m not talking about white bread, noodles or crackers.

We’re talking rice, quinoa, millet, barley, vegetables
nuts and seeds.

Eating complex carbohydrates are like putting a
big Log on the Fire that’s going to burn for hours.

Simple carbohydrates, processed foods like white bread and white crackers
that it’s like putting a twig on the fire.
It burns up fast, then your energy is depleted and you want more simple sugars.

The FIFTH tip for today is to eat two, three or even four hours
before you lay down and go to bed.

It is difficult to sleep when you have food inside trying to digest. It takes alot of eneryg to digest food.

Those are your 5 tips!

I also have lots more valuable information on digestion including
yoga poses and breathing exercises that you can practice for free.

Self-care is our best health care.
I’ve been teaching about nutrition for more than 35 years. Let me know if you have any questions.

I hope to see you in upcoming LIVE Online classes! 


Five Essential Digestion Tips video

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