Get the pesticides, fertilizers and contaminants out of your water.

Are you one of the Americans currently receive water from a source that violates the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Safe Drinking Water Act. Violations range from inadequate testing to dangerous levels of contaminants like arsenic or lead.

These violations occur across the country, from rural counties to crowded cities. We’ve gathered the top 10 states with the worst public water ratings across the country, ranked by the total number of people served with unsafe and hazardous water.

If your state is on the list, don’t worry,  you can to test and improve the quality of your water.

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Over 50% of Americans depend on groundwater for drinking water. It also serves as an essential source for irrigation water. However, groundwater is also extremely susceptible to pollution. Materials and substances from the surface can move through the soil and seep into water resources. From pesticides and fertilizers to septic tank and underground storage waste, any number of contaminants can leach under the surface to cause groundwater contamination.

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