Spinal Health with the Best Back Stretches and Poses

You need to know there are many yoga stretches and poses to strengthen your back and body.

You are invited to join us for 9 Saturday Live Online Yoga classes!

Click here for our Aging with Grace Yoga Series page to learn more and sign up! 

Join our friendly supportative yoga community. We talk before and after classes!

Created by Patricia Becker, Aging with Grace Yoga is designed for seniors and anyone interested in having more strength, flexibility, mobility and sense of humor. You will practice balance poses, hip mobility poses, neck and shoulder relaxation, core strengthening. The goal is having a good time while creating peace of mind and body to enjoy a long active healthy lifestyle.

Classes include a full range of stretches, strengthening poses and breathing exercises to play and explore and play. We will practice a wide variety of standing poses and poses sitting or laying on your yoga mat.

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