Mindful Pause Twice a Month with Julianne Rice

Mindful Pause

Offered on the 1st Monday and 3rd Thursday of each month (except in January, Monday sessions will be Jan. 8).

These are short mid lunch break group sessions on Zoom. You can participate from your chair at home or at work.

The purpose of our gathering is to help us regroup in the middle of our day and remember what is most important to us.

Our intentional Mindful Pause can help us put in place a new, transformative habit. Have you ever noticed that when you feel centered, not only do things around you improve, but others around you also seem to have better days? Good to remember that nurturing our own mental health can create a ripple effect, fostering positive change within ourselves, our community and our world.

During our sessions, we’ll engage in:

  • Gentle breathing exercises to clear the mind and focus
  • Neck and shoulder stretches to release tension
  • Self-acupressure to ease sensory overload
  • Brief guided meditation to gain a fresh outlook
  • Progressive relaxation to balance emotions and mood fluctuations

My friend, Julianne genuinely believes that by embracing these simple practices routinely they can make a meaningful difference in our lives and in the lives of those we engage with. Your presence makes a difference. Doing our small part and sharing our gentle strength can impact more than we realize or give ourselves credit for.


Begins Monday, Jan. 8, 2024.

  • First session – free
  • 3 mo. subscription – $50
  • 6 mo. subscription – $95
  • 12 mo. subscription  2024 – $175
    *subscription includes unlimited classes during that time period

Venmo: @Julianne-Rice or Zelle: BMO or personal check. PayPal: [email protected]Payment due on or before Feb 15, 2024.

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