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Nanette Stringer Running 4+ miles almost every single morning. Of all the things I am doing in the pandemic to make this time feel valuable and significant to myself and others, that is the one that feels like my salvation. I feel lucky that at 68 I can still run with no pain; I realize not everyone is that fortunate, and I feel blessed.

Caroline Rose -Half hour of Tai Chi-like and PT-like exercises nearly every morning, swimming 3 days per week, walking/hiking on the other days—more conscientious than ever about self-healing in these times.

Kim Strimlan Northrop -I walk on the beach with my dog every morning, so refreshing and energizing. I don’t know why I didn’t move here long ago.

Ann Carberry – I am looking to buy an electric bike and dog to improve my physical and emotional health.

Carol Miller Kau – Sewing is my passion and when I’m doing it, I think of my mom and her 5 sisters and my grandma and all the sewing that they did. I can always think of someone who’s day would be brightened by my sewing. Lastly, it helps to keep me away from the fridge!

Sylvia Ruth Gray – Aside from the practice of a species-appropriate (grain and salt-based) diet since 1983, the discipline most beneficial for me has been the effort to cultivate and express radical gratitude. We are liberated by the degree at which we can welcome hardship as a blessing, equate loss with gain, etc.

Kathleen Putnam – Walk barefoot in the garden. It actually lowers my blood pressure and anything unpleasant can easily be hosed off.

Marci Hayden – Home brew kombucha, lots of stretching morning noon and night, plenty of water to stay hydrated, stay away from daily news reports 👍✅🙏

Rae Neal  Gardening, daily yoga & meditation. Hiking. Loving sharing helping.

Anne Louise Capezzuto – Making pretty floral creations!

Gerry Kearney – Walking every morning, eating a plant-based diet, staying connected with friends and family, keeping a journal, and buying fresh flowers for my kitchen.🤗

Regina Izyderczak – Start with some stretching in the morning after a good night sleep, eating plant-based and trying some new receipts 🧾 further training, talking to friends and sending good thoughts to them – try to live in balance

Melinda Hamm – Meditating 30 minutes each morning and walking briskly every day.

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